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Changing Our Cities


Indigenous Resurgence

Queer and Trans Liberation

Black Liberation

Home Page Image

This digital collage for the home page image in order to reflect upon the current year and to celebrate the resilience of LGBTTI2QQ folks over the course of decades, specifically in T’karón:to. With the photographs taken nearly 45 years apart, they speak to a shared but evolved struggle. While the Pride March on University Avenue in 1972 represented a call for Gay Pride and human rights from largely white folks, the secondary image proves to have expanded the dialogue and those leading it into 2016. As the Revolution of 2020 became global and COVID-19 disproportionately threatened BIPOC lives, Black Lives Matter continues to put in the work to advocate for others who cannot advocate for themselves.


This image was created along the theme of memory & time for TSG: Eleventeen, and as we urge for reflection into the fight for peace and justice we must also recognize the times that has passed and the changes we’ve created and endured as a society.

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