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TSG: Eleventeen — WORKSHOP

Banner Making with Jenna Reid


7:00 - 9:00PM EST

live zoom webinar

Join fibre-artist Jenna Reid for a Banner Making Workshop.


Registration is required to receive a Zoom link for the event. Participants will receive the Zoom link upon registration and a reminder the day of the event. Please register here.

See the Facebook Event Page for more info.



As part of the TSG: Eleventeen Programming Series joining fibre-artist Jenna Reid as she leads a workshop on banner-making. 


Protests, marches, and political activations are sites where we come together and demand change to make this world a better place. Banners, pennants, and signs have long been used as a practice of activism, a demonstration of the beauty in protest and resistance, and a reminder that direct actions are spaces where creativity and creative people are needed. When we make banners for protests it allows us to come together, build relationships, plan for the care of the collective, and create powerful statements. In this workshop, Jenna will focus on teaching skills needed to make fabric banners through an exploration of a variety of tools, methods, and styles. Jenna will discuss the different components to consider when making large scale banners – with a conversation about how to adapt community art builds to the ever-changing context of the global pandemic. Through the different skills explored in this workshop, participants will begin making a small-scale banner (or pennant) of their own, and will gain the skills to finish the project to completion. 


Materials Needed: 

  • Background material (suggested amount 1 yard; common options would be canvas, cotton, polyester, poly-cotton blend, felt but any fabric will work)

  • Contrasting material for letters (suggested amount 3 yards; scraps welcome! Any fabric will work [see list above])

  • Liquid fabric glue/adhesive: (possible options: Thermoweb Liquid Fabric Fuse Adhesive, quick bond fabric adhesive; Liquid Stich Permanent Adhesive Original; Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive)

  • Iron-on fabric adhesive: Heat n Bond Iron-on Adhesive, Ultra Hold


*all materials can be found at Michael’s or other places where craft supplies are readily available; feel free to bring extra embellishments to add to your banner


To view Jenna’s work “Mad Love” visit their page.

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TSG: Eleventeen — WORKSHOP



6:00 - 7:30PM EST

live zoom webinar

Join the Toronto-based artist PUFF Paddy for a “Coffee Filter Art” Workshop.



This event will be hosted as a live ZOOM Webinar can be be accessed here.

Please visit the Facebook Event Page for more information.


Join the first workshop for TSG: Eleventeen through a workshop led by Toronto-based artist PUFF Paddy. PUFF Paddy will be leading a “Coffee Filter Art” workshop, focusing on the ways that we can create through the use of coffee filters. Paddy’s work “RESHAPE: The Butterfly Effect” explores these methods along with inspiration from Chinese paper arts to create a series of works that resonate a message of social justice and equality. More of Paddy's work can be viewed on their page.


If you would like to follow along with the workshop, you can gather the following items in advance:

  • 10 Coffee filters

  • Crayola markers (washable markers)

  • Squirt bottle with water

  • Aluminum foil (sheet size: 12x12'')

  • Hair dryer

  • Paper towels

  • Plastic table cloth

TSG: Eleventeen — Artist Talk

Saturday, january 30, 2021

7:00 - 9:00PM EST

live zoom webinar

Join the Artists of TSG: Eleventeen for an Artist Talk hosted by Curator Syrus Marcus Ware.

For 11 years, TSG has celebrated Queer and Trans artist magic through a 2 month in person exhibition with accompanying public programs and an opening event held at the Gladstone Hotel between June and August. TSG aims to showcase art by, for, and about LGBTTI2QQ creators, with a particular focus on artists on the margins of these communities — QTBIPOC artists, crip/disabled artists, Mad artists, migrant artists, youth artists and so forth. These artist projects interrupt the idea of a homogeneous queer community and re-imagines what it means to talk about our lived experiences as artists from a diversity of backgrounds.

The TSG: Eleventeen Artist Talk invites artists to discuss their work with their peers in an in-depth setting. 

This event will be hosted as a live ZOOM Webinar and can be accessed here.

Please visit the Facebook event page for more information.

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